Monday, June 30, 2008

The Weekend

What a weekend! Our "little Venezuelan Beauty Queen", as her daddy calls her. came home after spending a month in her native country. Katie got in at 1:00 p.m....right on time i n the Atlanta airport. Caleb, Katie's boyfriend, was with us to pick her up. Bill and Caleb waited to see her come out of the gate. I told Bill I would just sit down and he could tell her I was waiting in the car because I wanted to start walking behind them and surprise her. The only thing, Bill forgot to tell Caleb and he spilled the beans when she asked, "WHERE"S MY MAMA?, that I was seated right in front of her eyes. Anyway, it was so good to have her back. She spent a month working with University students in her native homeland of Caracas, Venezuela.
After we picked her up and got all the hugging and kissing done (well actually, I think she and Caleb did a little more of that when we weren't looking GRRRRRRR)we had to kill some time. We went to Lenox Mall in Atlanta. Now listen, if you want to see one of every type person in the world, GO TO LENOX MALL! We saw it all. It was a very entertaining afternoon. Katie had bought a "little black dress" in Venezuela because we had planned to go to The Cheesecake Factory to eat and then to Fabulous Fox Theater that night to see "Oklahoma". She decided that the mall bathroom would be the best place to change clothes when it came time to get dressed. She and Caleb made the trip to the car to get the dress. When they came back in, Caleb came back to where we were sitting. Kate realized the mall bathrooms were way away from where she was, so she just took the dress into Macy's dressing room and changed. Well, she was gone a long time and we began envisioning that there was some type of security cameras in Macy's and that security was probably arresting her thinking she had stolen that dress there. Finally she came problem...she was only putting on makeup and fixing her hair. Whew, big sigh of relief.
We left there and went to the Cheesecake Factory. If you've never been to eat there all I can say is GO!!!! They have a menu that is about 15 pages long and you can get everything there imaginable. We had a neat server who was working there as a second job because she had incurred a lot of debt and she was trying to pay it off so that she could get married. It was a little weird because she is a fashion designer, which caters to women size 14 and over but as I learned later, it was fashion that catered also to women who go for the flamboyant dresses. Anyway, her website is You may want to take a look at her flamboyant fashions.
After the wonderful meal and C H E E S E C A K E, we went to the Fox. Katie looked beautiful in her "little black Dress". The rest of us looked tired and hot. Katie should have been tired. She had only two and half hours sleep the night before. We got to the Fox and had to wait a little while for the doors to open. I was about to pee my pants but managed to wait until it opened. I went straight to the bathroom. The bathrooms at the Fox are really pretty and COOL, as in air conditioned. I hung out in them for a while and cooled off. "Oklahoma" was absolutely wonderful. I think it was one of the best plays we had seen there. ALL of the singers were A-1, top-notch, wonderful etc. I am looking forward to the next time we go...We are going, aren't we, Bill? see JERSEY BOYS, which is about my favorite group from the '60's, "Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons." We gotta go. They sing Bill's and My favorite song,"Can't Take my Eyes Off You." I kept hoping for a trip to New York to see it on Broadway, but I will wait for the Fox.
We had a great day! It was so good to have Kate back in the States. Life is always so much more interesting when she's at home with us. It reaffirms every time to me all the reasons God gave her to us when she was two days old. We do so much more than we would probably do if she weren't with us. Who would have ever thought that the little 5 lb. baby girl, who came into our life at 2 days old, would grow up to be so beautiful and keep mine and Bill's tired old legs moving, moving, moving all the time? We have done some of the most interesting things just because of Katie. She's adventurous. She's motivated. She's just a delight. It's so good to have her home. These old legs of mine were getting stiff.