Friday, September 11, 2009

What's Been Happening?

I haven't blogged in so long, I really don't even know where to start. For a long time time, I had my heart in doing this. I think when this summer came, a friend and I started totally renovating our library at school and I was at Georgia Mountains Christian Academy everyday purging books, checking books for appropriateness,barcoding etc. It consumed me for a few weeks and I totally lost focus. I haven't even been reading my friends blogs and that is unusual. Well, the library got finished and we had a few weeks before school began. I ended up having to go to Emory several days for tests and that with other responsibilities took up the rest of the summer.

School started August 10th. Last year I was Senora Cashion, la maestra de Espanol, but now I am the "Media Specialist" which was known as the librarian in my days of school. I love being in the library. I work with K-3 - 5th grade. I love my K-3 and K-4 classes who come to the library together. They always ask me if they can sit "in my WAP." Of course, I let them. One even got mixed up and called me "Mrs. Fashion" instead of Mrs. Cashion. I liked that a lot and am thinking of making that my official name. I am not sure if Bill will like being Mr. Fashion though. They are just the sweetest children and I have been truly blessed to teach them beginning library skills even at age 3 and 4.

I am looking forward to an early fall vacation the 2nd week in October. That's when we go to our condo at Myrtle Beach. It's a wonderful time of year to go. We always have warm days and cool nights. I love that time of year. I have been blessed to be able to take that time off from school.

We are experiencing a little sadness in our family as we see Bill's dad and mom go downhill health-wise. His dad, especially, is getting weaker and weaker everyday.
We try to see my in laws as much as possible. Bill's mom has macular degeneration and can barely see at all. She tries to take care of Mr. C. and it is hard for her to see. He even has to be fed now.

Also, my niece, Lisa, who had colon cancer, has seen the cancer return as she recently learned it had metastasized in her thorax. She is presently undergoing chemo every two weeks. It is making her terribly sick and she is starting to lose her hair. We are sad to see her go through this. She is only 50 years of age.

So as not to end this on a sad note, I must say that we are so glad we are into football season and are ready for this to be "the SEASON of ALL SEASONS" for the Gamecocks. This week is the USC/GA game. We await that game with fear and trembling.....but with confidence.LOL