Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why is Meme so silly?

I am just grandchild crazy. I think after all these years, I just suddenly realized what a nut I am when my grandchildren do the least little neat thing.

I can remember when my kids were growing up that we called my Mom and told her everything they did because we loved to hear her cackle. She was a laugh-er.
O.K., this is all making sense to me now. I am a cackler. It's Mom's fault.

Yesterday, Amy and I talked on the phone and she shared with me that one and half year old Quinn had finally started saying "Meme". I said, "uh-uh!!!" She said, "yes, she does, LISTEN. Oh yeah, she said it. I screamed bloody murder and Bill came running in here to see if I had a cardio-infarction. (tee-hee) She is saying (or at least trying to say everything that everybody tells her to now. She loves getting chuckles. "Little Miss Show-Off!! She even tries to say GAMECOCKS! (cock-cocks) Anyway, I got to thinking how much I have loved the little advancements my grandchildren make and I am going to scream every time. They think I am super silly and I think they like it.

I love that Morgan , my oldest grandchild is excelling at Volleyball. She's tall and beautiful and likes BOYS!! NO, that can't be!

I love that Madyson, is a cheerleader at her school. You Go Madyson! She's a beautiful girl too. She is a blondie with a cute figure.

I love that Ashlyn is such a good singer and is so loving to me. She is my beauty who I often call "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" with her cute freckles. She just recently accepted Christ as her SAVIOR.

I love that McKenna is doing great in her all female class at school. She is gorgeous and is such a helpful girl. She can cook, clean and take care of Quinn.

I love that Bailey always cares about how she looks. She is destined for the fashion world. She is beautiful too, inside and out.

I love that Avery is so mischievous and can do anything she tries to do. She is so funny. I have laughed at her all her life. She is such a cutie with her perky personality. One little side note- McKenna, Bailey and Avery led one of their neighbor girls to the Lord. That made me so happy.

Then lastly, there is Quinn. She is full of life, exploring all around the house.
She is a teaser and really knows how, at one and 1/2 years, to totally wrap you around her finger. That's o.k. I love it. Hey, Have I told you she can say Meme?


Amroosie said...

Who knew that would get you all excited! Are you excited enough to buy Quinn her fall wardrobe, Meme?? Just teasin'! She is still saying Meme and calls every man she sees on TV with glasses, "Papa." ;)

The Blessed Bryants said...

And...your grand-girls LOVE you too!! I loved reading this post! You do have some pretty special girls in your life!! :-)

morgan's magical moments said...

Hey meme,
Do you think that quinn would say morgan after all she loves me the most haha. Well i saw u menchoned i like boys qand all i have to say is " how rude!"just kidding. I love you. And meme Your not silly YOUR CRAZY haha again just kidding.

Garretts said...

what a sweet post. I've heard being a grandparent is a lot of fun. we are certainly enjoying watching our folks with Jack. I know they will flip when he can talk to them on the phone!