Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Notoriously over the years as a homemaker "mops" have been my thorn in the flesh. I hate cleaning the floor. I do it, but I don't like it. I have used every kind of mop you can imagine trying to find just the right one. I have one for hardwoods, one for tiles, and one for waxing. I hate them all. I equate them with really hard, backbreaking work.
Recently, I discovered a mop that I absolutely adore. This mop is a worker itself. This mop is beautiful and really does all the work while I sit back and enjoy it. This mop is a Mother of Preschoolers (MOPS). These MOPS are people....adorable people, I might add. They are all mommies who have children under school age. They get together twice a month for fun, fellowship, inspiration, and food. Because I had been there and done that, when the MOPS group in our county was begun by a team of ladies in our church, I didn't even think that much about it.
I was long past the days of having preschoolers. One day to my surprise the leader of our MOPS called and asked me if I would help establish the MOPS group. She was asking me to be a part of the steering team that would essentially draw from my experiences of long ago when I did have preschoolers. I prayed and said yes. What could be more uplifting than to rub shoulders with these young women? We began meeting and I, who would from now on be referred to as "Mentor Mom", was in on one of the greatest adventures. With God's guidance, MOPS began in Habersham County. We have about 45 members and it has proved to be the most fun and inspiring thing that I have ever done. What a privilege to rub shoulders with 25-35 years younger than I.
The intention was for them to learn from me. AU CONTRAIRE, I say! I have learned more from them about faith, family and community than I ever dreamed. Involvement is the word of the day. They are into everything.
Not only do they manage a family, but they are hard workers in the community and their churches. Some of them, of course, in a group that large are not Christians and maybe haven't had opportunities that others have had.
Many have accepted Christ as their Savior and have learned what it is like to be in service for the King. They have grown in their faith, as a parent and in their whole being. Life now has a purpose and the "family" takes on a whole new meaning. Now they are moms who seek to rear their children using Godly principles and guidance.
MOPS has been a joy for me.I love these women as if they were my very own. Their preschoolers are precious and being a grandmother to all of them has been a delight. If you are reading this and have a desire to visit or join our MOPS group, you can log on to and find out all about what goes on in MOPS. The adventure is exciting.

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