Friday, August 1, 2008

Things I Love

My sister was challenged by a friend and she now has challenged me to write about five things that I "LOVE". Narrowing them down to five is hard but not impossible. I am going to give it a valiant effort to name them one by one.


1. Jesus. This what a lot of other people wrote too. I am praising Him that He is plenty big enough for me to love, for you to love, for anyone to love and still have a whole lot more love left for everybody else. His name is love. I am so glad that I know him as personal Lord and Savior.

My Family - all of them. my husband, my girls, my sons-in-law, grandchildren, sisters, in-laws-- What a wonderful thought to know that right after God made man and woman, He instituted the family. Families are important to us and to God. Our church family is included in this. I also love the memories that I have of my mom and dad.


3. That God is still doing the work of calling those whom chooses to serve in various capacities of His work. I love the circumstances He uses to get men and women where they need to be and what it joy it is to watch God work in the lives of His children.
Even though it takes some people a long time to realize that calling - He still Calls!


4. I love cherry limeades from Sonic. I am so hooked on them. They are light, refreshing, cooling.....even the diet ones that I have been drinking are just the best. They are a mixture of cherry drink, diet sprite, 3 slices of limes juiced into the mixture with crushed ice and topped with a maraschino cherry. Love 'em!!


5. CROCS. I just bought my first pair of Crocs and they are so comfortable. I can't believe I didn't have any. I have already blogged about this. I am sure that soon it will be some other kind of sandal but today it is CROCS!

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Garretts said...

enjoyed this weekend. love the look of the new blog. hope you and bill are relaxing some today.