Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love - An everyday thing

Bill and I were talking this morning about Valentine's Day. I commented that it seemed like the media had taken over this day too. It has become so commercial. I can remember the days when it was a simple day to exchange valentine cards at school, giving your favorite valentine to the one you had a crush on. Husbands doted on wives and gave them candy and flowers. It was a sweet, loving day that would sometime jumpstart relationships of school friends and make a day extra special for husbands and wives. It's nice to have a special day set aside for paying a little extra attention to one another. It's true. Everyday should be special if you are with the one you love.

It's nice, though, to have one day to do something special or receive a special gift from the one you love. The media has made it a day that thrives on selling, selling, selling! I loved the simpleness of the old Valentine's Day. This morning we are having a simple Valentine's Day. Bill gave me a huge basket of flowers, we are watching (his favorite) a Sci-fi movie and tonight I will fix a special dinner for him. (We chose not to go out and fight the crowds) We are going to keep it simple! It really isn't that much different from any other Saturday. We just enjoy doing things together. Well, I don't particularly love the blood and guts of the sci-fi movie but long story short, I do it because I love being with Bill. I love doing some of the things he loves and he loves doing the things I love.....or at least making the sacrifice for each other even if it isn't our favorite. I am sure when I drag him shopping that he isn't always happy about it but I would never know it. He sacrifices for me. That's the way it is with relationships. It's a give and take. I am going to make this day as special as possible for the one I love. You know what,
I am going to do it Sunday through next Saturday too. I am not saying that life is always a bed of roses. Even though there may be spats and differences to deal with, it's fun making up with the one you love.

Well, I need to add a little addendum to this blog. Bill just asked me if I wanted to go out for a late lunch. he said, "what would you call a late lunch? A DUNCH? It is such a joy living with this man. We laugh so much. But see, this is another little surprise he has for me. That's the way it should be. I can't help loving that man of mine.

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Garretts said...

cute post. how's your week of love been going? can't wait to hear about the birthday lunch with the students. i love el campesino!