Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Bill did our taxes today. I love that day believe it or not. I love watching all the moods Bill goes through while doing them. Sometimes I see him rubbing his brow in a very pensive type of pose. Other times he has his head in his hands trying to think of just one more deduction. Sometimes, though, he's very in......where is that other electric bill? can you believe we had this much medical expense! can you understand now where our money goes? Oh my goodness, do you know how much we spent on food???? He muddles through everything, puts every cent down, adds and subtracts and multiplies and then does it all over again. He always stops short of snorting and spitting. The last few years have been a little better than other years. At least we have been getting some refund. Of course, that has to be my favorite part, hearing that world famous declaration, "Guess what? we're getting ______ back from Federal and ____ back from the State." Yay!!!!yay, i say!!!! Refunds are nice because it allows to do a little something special that we have wanted to do. Nobody has asked us if we needed a bailout. Nobody has asked us about stimulous packages. We just have to fare for ourselves. I kinda like that. Our God has always met our needs. He hasn't let us have everything we want but we are very well taken care of. He "bailed" us out a long time ago. We don't have to worry for tomorrow because we know He has us in the palm of His hands.

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Garretts said...

what a neat post. God did bail us out a long time ago. I love it!