Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduation Day

Graduation Day is an exciting time in the life of anyone. As a matter of fact, our granddaughter, Ashlyn, just graduated from kindergarten. She had the cap and gown and the whole works. Ironically, I had a day of Graduation today and it was a joyous time. Meme graduated from the Wound Care Clinic at the Lanier Park Hospital in Gainesville, Georgia. I had an ulcer on my foot for about 5 1/2 months. I had no cap and gown, but I had spent tons of money on bandages, tape, medicines etc. It had been a grueling process to get it well . After bouts with infection, etc. I was beginning to think it wasn't going to get well but what do I know? I surely hope that I learned all that God wanted to teach me during those five months. There are times that I believe God puts you where he wants you to get your attention. Not that he caused my foot to be sick but I do believe He uses that time to do some molding in your life. Patience is not a virtue that I boast of. There were times that I could have kicked that boot that I was wearing to the ends of the earth. My sister kept telling me that I was having my JOB (long "o" ) testing. That's true. I know that I was tested, and I also know that I didn't always handle it well. The Lord kept working with me;He never left me during that time. His presence was my mainstay. His strength was my strength. He was everyday "the lifter of my head." What an awesome God we serve! Little ulcers or big cancers He understands. Little scraped knees or big tumors are both important to Him. Nothing is too big or too small.
I love Him for that. I love Him for watching over me. I love Him for the friends He gave me. They brought flowers. They brought food. They laughed with me. They cried with me.
That was a few of many ways that God blessed me......through His people. What a joy to know the Lord! I am so glad He loves me. He is the awesome God.


Erin said...

Kathy, I am so glad that God has shown you mercy!!! He is so faithful. Lots of love! Erin & Gus

Garretts said...

what a neat perspective...graduate! we were so glad to see you on your feet Sunday! we'll continue to pray for you!