Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Mom - Kathy's, Martha's and Bibby's

I miss my mom. She has been gone for almost four years. I miss her as much today as I did when she passed away. I still hear her sweet loving voice, her wise counsel, her laughter. She was so funny. I remember once when I was a teenager, we were riding down the road. I looked over at her and she had this weird looking sun-visor cap on. I was embarrassed and got down in the floor of the car. She got me so tickled. She really turned on when I tried to hide. She turned that hat backwards, frontwards, sideways. I was hysterical in the floor of that car I almost wet my pants.

There are so many stories about my Mom that circulated around. She was deathly afraid of BUGS!She almost beat to death a raisin on the floor one night thinking it was a bug. Every time she hit it, it jumped so she thought it was alive. We laughed for years about that.

Once she kept hearing a noise in the closet. She thought it was a cricket. So what does one do?
One gets the best bug spray out and sprays in the closet. The only thing, every single time she sprayed, the noise got louder. Finally, she decided to divide and conquer. She started slowly moving things around on that closet and found the little culprit. It was an old smoke detector,
still loaded with batteries, that "chirped" every time she sprayed that bug spray. As I said, she was so funny. She loved to laugh AT HERSELF.

One Saturday my Mom and I were going to town and my brother-in-law asked if we would get him some wadding. Now, neither of us even asked what wadding was.....who cared? He told us to go to the sporting goods store and get it. On the way there, she and I had a deep conversation about "wadding". We both tried to guess what it was and we were hysterically laughing by the time we got to the store. We walked in and she about spit all over the guy when she asked for it. Could IIII HHaave SOOme WAAAADing (spit) please? We were laughing so hard, we were crying. He looked at us like we were crazy. We sure had different ideas about what wadding was than materials to stuff shotgun shells with. We had thought of everything.

Lastly, my mom loved her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We all would call her and tell things they said and things they did everyday because we knew she would get so tickled. My sisters, Martha and Bibby ( Lib) and all their children, my children and grandchildren loved "Nanoo". We would all spend lots of time talking to her. She was the best. Even when she was down, she could bring us up by simply saying "now, Honey". Oh, I miss her! I miss hearing her say "well hey!" when I called. I just miss having her to talk to. She was the best listener. God really blessed us with the finest. God gained a wonderful person when our mother went to be with Him. One last thing, my favorite thing was when I spent the night with her one night. I had already gotten on my blow-up mattress for the night. She was still in the den taking medicine, putting drops in her eyes etc. All of a sudden I heard her start talking. She was right in the throne room of the Father. She began interceding aloud to the Jesus on behalf of all her children and grandchildren. She asked the Lord to save those who weren't save, reclaim those who were "not living right" and bless those who were serving Him. She called us all by name.....every single one of us.....What a godly woman she was. Her prayers were powerful. That's the main reason I miss her. I love you, Mama.

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Martha said...

OK, I'm laughing and crying at the same time. Tim thinks I'm crazy!