Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day at the Cashion's

Today we took a little trip to see Bill's parents for our day off because of Memorial Day. This is one day when most of the family gets together and barbecues or something of that sort. Today we fried up a bunch of salt water fish that Bill's brother had caught on one of his deep sea fishing ventures while they were at the beach. Everything was delicious as we feasted on fish, fries, coleslaw, Mama C.'s really good homemade hushpuppies and so many kinds of desserts. It was fun and filling. Everyone enjoyed it.

One of my favorite things about going to the Cashion's house is to see what kind of cap Mr. C would be wearing for the day. He always dresses the part. If he knows one of the kids are coming that gave him a certain cap, he will always put that cap on. He likes for them know he appreciates what they gave him. He used to always put the Venezuelan cap on that we got him when we came to visit. He loved that cap. He came to visit us once in Venezuela and fell in love with the country . One of the ice cream vendors who pushes a little cart around selling ice cream in Venezuela actually remembered Mr. C. recently. Bill went back to Venezuela for some baseball clinics and this SAME VENDOR who was still selling ice cream from the same cart on the same plaza talked to Bill and remembered his Dad. This is a vendor that AFTER all these years, 19 or 20 years to be exact, still remembered Mr. C. buying an ice cream from him and Bill translated as they talked and talked to each other. This vendor sent him yet ANOTHER cap and an Effie Ice Cream shirt that all the vendors wear. Mr. C. was so proud that he remembered him.

I guess my favorite cap that Mr. C. wears is the one that he wore today. He proudly wore the cap that proclaimed him a veteran of World War II. He served in the Navy during the war and even though he doesn't like to talk too much about it, he is proud of the service he gave to his country. I am here to say he SHOULD BE PROUD. This is a man who risked his life defending our freedoms. He has to be prodded a little to show us some medals he received. He is really very humble and modest about what he did in the war. I am so proud of my father-in-law for the sacrifice he made to serve our country. He deserves to proudly wear that cap. Happy Memorial Day Mr. C. I know a lot of your friends lost their lives and you remember them this day. We are so glad that you made it home. Thanks for all you did.

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Martha said...

I've printed this off and am taking when I go to pick up Maggie for Bill and Evelyn to read. They'll be thrilled!