Saturday, May 31, 2008

Katie's Mission

Katie left yesterday for a five week trip to Caracas, Venezuela. She was literally beside herself with excitement. This had been the desire of her heart for a long time. Last year when she first started talking about this, I never thought this day would come...........but, COME, IT DID!! When we got to Atlanta airport yesterday, I could not have been more proud. She knew right what to do. Of course, almost everything had been done online. She is very self-confident and it showed yesterday as she left. All went off without a hitch. Our life flashed before us as we remembered how it was when our parents told us goodby when our whole family- minus Katie, left to go to Costa Rica to study Spanish and then on to Caracas a couple of years after that. It isn't easy saying goodby but it is easier when you know you're in the will of the Father who is sending you.

She will be working on a team that ministers to University students. She is living in a beautiful apartment that looks out over the magnificent mountains surrounding Caracas. Today when I talked to her on instant message she informed me that she was standing there looking at the gorgeous view and drinking chinotto (a flavored soft drink) and eating an arepa - her very favorite thing. It is a corn meal pancake that can be stuffed with cheese, meat or anything you would like. It would be like our sandwiches. She may really be tired of them when she gets back to the states. That's about all, except for spaghetti, that she knows how to cook. oh well, at least she won't starve

Pray for the ministry. I will update more as I receive info.

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