Wednesday, January 14, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

25 Random Things About Me.

My Daughter, Amy, tagged me to come up with 25 random things about myself that not many people know.
So, Here goes:
1. I ate dirt when I was a little girl.......out of the flowerpots.....with a spoon. I got lots of spankings for it.
2. I thought my middle name was spelled D-i-a-n-e- until not too many years ago when I looked at my birth certificate and it was D-i-a-n-n-e.
3. I have sung alto since I was in the sixth grade and was in Mrs. CLeveland's class.
4. I thought you pronounced navel like nable and chimney like chimley until I was almost a teenager.
5. When Bill was six years old, he told his Uncle Bob that he was going to marry me.
6. I grabbed the nurse and choked her and threatened to kill her when I was about to deliver Missy and they turned off the anesthesia and I immediately dilated to 10 and she said she couldn't turn it back on without an authorization from the doctor. NOT THE RIGHT THING TO SAY!!
7. The first time Amy brought Jeff to our house before they were married, I was sitting in the floor playing with Katie and I "tooted" in Jeff's face. OOOH!!!!
8. Also, I ran out of the bathroom (we only had one bathroom )dressed only in my slip and just as I did, Jeff came walking in to go in the bathroom. He still married Amy, even though she has a looney mom.
9. I walked out of the The Summit in Houston one time, which is located on a hill, lost my footing, fell and rolled ALLLLL TTTHHHEE WWWAAAYYY down the hill and landed under a gigantic marquis at the feet of the Japanese President of the Baptist World Alliance who was there taking pictures. Embarrassing!!
10. Speaking of falling, I fell out the door of our second church the first Sunday Bill was there to preach a "trial sermon". It was know the rest.
11.I saw a UFO many times in North Carolina and my little neighbor called the radio station and told them and the whole news department, camera crew, lights...bright lights etc. showed up on my front lawn.
12.When we took Amy to visit her college, Katie was a baby and as we entered the financial aid office Katie did in her diaper what babies do, and I went to change her since it stunk up the whole room. I stood up from my chair, stepped on my slip and it hit the floor and I waddled to the restroom with it around my ankles.
13. I caused my sister, Martha, to burn her arm badly when I pushed her and she laid her arm on a hot burner.
14. I went to Girl's State when I was in High School.
15. Bill and I were voted Top Teenagers our senior year in High School.
16. My mama and I went to a sports store and bought my brother-in-law some wadding to make bullets and we were so tickled having to ask for wads that we couldn't even say it.
17. I had REALLY green hair one time.
18. I once went on a blind date with the son of the President of Phillips Petroleum....he was a jerk.
19. I once cried out to a pharmacist when we adopted Katie, that I had just had a baby and didn't know I was going to have one.
20. I once had a lady in Venezuela squirt breast milk in my face (with her breast) to prove to me that she was a breast-feeding mother because she wanted some free powdered milk that only went to lactating mothers.....not nice!!
21. I once sat on a lounge chair WITH Frankie Valli of the group The Four Seasons on which The Jersey Boys is based. We had our picture made together. Tee Hee! I had my arm on his leg.
22. My junior year in high school, I was a cheerleader. I had a brand new white corduroy skirt and jacket on and as we ran in front of the football team as the game was going to start, I fell in the mud...head to toe.
23. I designed and crosstitched an outline of the country of Costa Rica and many replicas of things found in COsta Rica to present to the Baptist Mission when left there and went to Venezuela.
24. I took care of Maggie and Charlie for five weeks when they were 9 years old while they waited on Martha and Tim to come adopt them.
25. I married Bill after having been in all 12 grades together and being in love with him for most of my life. Really. That's True.

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