Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My youngest Granddaughter

Our youngest granddaughter, Quinn, will be 2 on February 3. She is the cutest little thing. I remember when she first said Meme. It made me so happy...especially, since she had been saying Papa forever. It is so neat watching them develop their personality. Quinn has three older sisters so she has had some "role models" with her daily. They have all taught her a thing or two. She is learning to be a little deceptive, even at age 2. Amy, our daughter, said that every time something goes wrong or she gets hurt, she says Avery did it. Avery is next in line to Quinn's age. Avery was sick the other day and was lying on the sofa with a fever. Quinn came into the living room and said, MAAAMAAA, Avery hit me! Well, it was very evident to Amy that Avery hadn't done anything. She was really sick. Quinn just had to have attention at that moment so she fabricated a story. She is still the cutest thing I know of. She is growing up all too fast. I guess I have to wait around for Katie to have a baby one day so that we can watch another baby grow up. I wonder how long that will be???????

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Amroosie said...

meme your so funny i miss you so much i love you:)this is bailey